Welcome to the new Bearsac website

Teddy bear Bearsac on a skatebaord

I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get back into the swing of Bearsac.com without Bearsac.

It’s over six years now since he was cruelly snatched from my grasp as he waved at children from the train we were on travelling through Tanzania. You know, I even tried to jump out of the window after him?! Luckily, I was grabbed by three burly Tanzanian women, one of who I throw my crying face into the bosom of when wearing just her bra in the sauna-like cabin I was sharing with the women.

The bearnapper was a man – not a child. What would he want with my raggy old teddy bear!

I went into depression for a while and without Bearsac, there wasn’t really anything to update the website with.

But hey, Bearsac lives on in Tanzania now and even now has internet access in his mud-hut! He is alive! Though now he is an adult teddy bear and lives independently.

We have agreed to work together on the new website. For a while we will be putting up old stuff. I cannot take anymore photos of him and he neither has a camera, or opposable thumbs to selfie with! So, please bear with the old photos and video that we will upload over the next few months.

We plan to have a community section (not something the old site had). It will have a section for the UK, which I will maintain, and a Tanzania, and African section that Bearsac will maintain.

He doesn’t come across celebrities anymore. It’s more wildebeest, zebra and those weird greeny-brown things with scary teeth, who screech!

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