Bearsac Bites Boris and Piers

Collage image of Bearsac, Boris and Piers with Bearsac BItes logo and text saying Covid 19

I may be responding to this late but my mummy doesn’t have a TV and we only came by it recently after seeing a YouTube video of Piers Morgan speak on Good Morning Britain, then searching to see what Boris had said. Besides, it would have been heartless to have said this whilst Boris was in intensive care; I’m not that sort of bear! But now it appears he’s on the mend and is well enough to walk around, I will.

Given that humans are sloppy with hand-washing, is it wise for a representative of the government, to even mention that he shook hands, including with humans with Covid 19, understanding the message this gives humans who likely don’t wash their hands properly? And even if they do, shaking hands means getting within 6 feet of humans – which is against the rules social distancing guidelines that Boris has stressed himself!

I’m not a Boris fan but I’d not like to see him die. I do think it’s irresponsible for any government representative to, on one hand, tell us to stay at home and to stay 6 feet apart, yet then go and shake hands with people with the virus and get within 6 feet of humans anyway.

This is not HIV and a bid to dispel myths and tackle stigma.

This is a pandemic condition that can be passed on by the virus being on people’s hands and with being within proximity of spores in the air!!! Read that again if you do not understand the consequence, Boris!

And Piers, this is not having a trolly dig at your chum. It is a concerned citizen(okay, a teddy bear in this instance) stating concern.

Also Piers, you told me I had an annoying voice when we spoke when I gate-crashed your, Going to America / CNN Launch party at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in 2010.

Well, I’m annoyed if you are including in your slate of people criticising Boris, those who are not saying spiteful or pointless things (of which I assume there are many), but simply sensible critical things of a Prime minister’s behaviour!

Though to be fair to you Piers, when we spoke you did very well to speak to me and treat me just as you do many humans, without dissing me purely because I’m a teddy bear. Lots of people dis talking teddy bears.

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