Problem 8 – Neighbour’s Scary Dogs

Teddy bear looking out of window at dogs

Dear Uncle Bearsac

I am in deep distress and am a nervous wreck.
I live on the windowsill of my owner’s bedroom, overlooking next doors yard. There are four very large scary dogs that have just moved next door and they live in the yard. The dogs bark at me with slime falling from their huge mouths. Their owners don’t tend to them as they should and they are out there all weathers. I like it on the windowsill as I can watch the birds building nests and talk to them. How can I get the dogs to stop this incessant barking?


Bearsac’s reply to problem 8

Dear Midge

You need to send a big ball of pink and blue energy – the energy of love and healing rolling through their yard. This should settle them down. You may even hear an answer from the dogs, telling you what is upsetting them, sometimes it’s a warning of a storm coming – other times it is because of something that has happened around them and the dogs are spooked.
Try telepathically calling the owners to attend to their dogs by visualising someone opening the door for them.

Sometimes we pick up our humans stresses or feel stress ourselves and at theses times we are more sensitive to sounds we would not otherwise consider stressful. So, what I am saying here is that you are reacting to the sounds because of some other stresses. I feel the dogs are signaling you to the fact that you are about at max with the stress and need to do something to diffuse it… There may be some anger in you that the dogs are trying to get you to notice, so go figure it out and deal with it straight up. Once you resolve the inner issues you will find you are not so distressed by the dogs if they do bark all the time.

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