About Bearsac

Bearsac wearing dungarees with one strap down.I am a teddy bear rucksack, bought on 26th August 1997 in Belgium. My owner could not resist my expressive face. She, (Debra) breathed life into me. The moment our eyes met I ‘was’.

At last, I had found my Medium; my instrument of communication. For although I had a voice, I had no mouth to articulate it – so I used hers!

I say ‘used’ rather than ‘use’ as we have since parted.

Whilst travelling together by train through Tanzania, as the train was leaving the village of Kinyanguru, I waved at the children outside. I was grabbed by a nasty little man.

I won’t tell you what my life was like under my captor but I will tell you I escaped. Though being on my own I have no way of returning to the UK and Debra.

I have lived in Tanzania since my bear napping 3rd December 2011 and have a whole new life full of adventure.

I lived the high-life with Debra in the UK. I travelled the world, gatecrashed celebrity parties and interviewed a number of famous people. But prior to my gatecrash year before my snatching I simply got photographed with many famous people.

I’m the featured teddy bear of Debra’s book Travels with my Teddy Bear.  The publishers have since ceased trading and the book out of print but word has it Debra is revising it and will bring it out again as an e-book.

I am a busy teddy bear but will, from time to time, blog to let you know what’s going down in my new world.  Debra will also blog from the UK.

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