Guest Bears

Old looking teddy bear in body stocking to preserve him


This is my Home Bear “Choc-Ice”. Debra got him in the mid 1990’s. He was a charity shop throw out and also escaped the car boot sale circuit when rescued by Debra and bathed back to life. He doesn’t remember his previous owner or life.

Debra sleeps with him. He supports “Teddy Bear Rovers Football Club” and is rather fond of collecting elastic bands! He likes rap music, he has his own chant which goes a little something like this…. “Choc Choc Choc Ice Ice Ice – Teddy teddy teddy bear bear bear”. He can a little upset if when he chants “Choc Choc Choc”, you don’t respond with “Ice Ice Ice”.

Teddy bear and 3 other cuddly toys

Berkley and friends

Berkley has been Mark’s friend since March 1973 and has been with him on his travels pretty much ever since. He likes travelling by train and his favourite day of the week is Saturday.

(owned by Mark) March 2010

Little boys holding Mr Beans teddy

Ted and Owner Josh

Ted like hugs and hates to be alone.   August 2009.

An old looking teddy bear

Big’n Ted

Belonging to Suzzane, Big’n Ted is rather enjoying retirement. He still provides hugs and is a good listener. He supports Tottenham (boo) and has an August birthday. Suzzane wrote this about him:

Faithful friend companion to the end. Never angry , never cross, never tries to get a point across. Always there with open arms to keep me safe from every harm.
I love you now and I’ll always care for my special Teddy bear.

(c)S D Bessent November 2008

Yellow teddy with an apricot on its chest


This teddy belongs to a lady we met on the tube, called Sue.

We don’t know anything about Olly just yet,but Olly sure look cute.

Two teddy bears on a the back of a sofa. One with giant feet.

Harvey and Harry

Harvey was bought for his owner, Caroline by her best friends mum as she’d supported her daughter through some health problems and Harry (with big feet) was bought by Caroline’s husband for her 2nd wedding anniversary on August 3rd 2006. They live in Lincolnshire.

Bearsac and a teddy bear on a bag on public seat


I met this cuddly teddy at Winchester station.

I don’t know anything about him other than he is very cute and he talks.

Man and woman each holding teddy bear

Astro Bear and Eve

Astro Bear is an astronaut, he burps and farts if you press his tummy. Eve is emotionally a girl, accidentally made a boy  and so had  an operation to compliment its true gender. Their owners,  are Debra’s ex-colleagues Ray and Ellen.