Bearsac mark 2 Meets Celebrities

Celebrities that feature on this here page, and humans in general – Welcome to the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page for my second body. This Bearsac Meets Celebrities gallery is of photos of me with famous people in my 2nd body. To see me photographed with celebrities in my original body click here.

You will see that many of the photographs of me in this celebrities photo gallery are of me with opera singers. This is because I am an opera loving teddy bear and the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London is like a second home for me! I bet you didn’t realise that a teddy bear could be so cultured, as well as cute, did you?!

One surely imagines that these lovely human celebrities were very happy to meet such a smart, groovy, not to metion ccool dude, celebrity teddy bear and to hold him and take photos with him!

I would personally like to thank each celebrity on here for being photographed with me. Although some of them are simply in the background and me in the foreground. It is not always possible to meet such busy celebrities, but they still make fun photographs.

What did I mean by Second body, you may well wonder?  Well, for those people that remain unaware, I am in my second body after my stressful bearnapping in Kinyanguru , Tanzania, Africa on 3rd December 2011. After a few years without me sharing her travels, my lovely Mummy, Debra, was rather sad. However, after much suggestions and prompting from other human beings, she made a new body for me. What a wonderful day the 23rd of April 2019 was. It was that day that I reincarnated into that body. I live again! You surely agree that am still really gorgeous, don’t you, people?!

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