Problem 6 – Owner Denies I speak

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Dear Bearsac

I’m in despair as my owner won’t accept that he can hear me speak. I know he can hear me as his ears prick up and he turns up the telly. A friend of his mentioned that she heard me speak but he just told her she must be imagining it as teddy bears don’t speak. I yelled out that we do, and he yelled back you don‘t! When he realised he had replied to me he then insisted it was his friend that yelled out and not me.

He also insists that you are not real Bearsac; yet he spends so many hours on your website and sends you insulting emails! How can I get him to admit to himself I can speak?

From a teddy bear that belongs to a twatt


Bearsacs Reply to problem 6

Dear teddy bear that belongs to a twatt

I get so many emails about this sort of thing so I hope in answering your problem I also give answer to other teddies too.

Your owner does realise you are real and he knows he can hear you. But try looking at it from the human perspective.
Humans – in their uncertainty about themselves – feel the need to fit into how they think society thinks they should behave to be considered “normal”; this means they pretend and deny things about themselves – both to other people and to themselves. Some do not have the strength of character to live their lives by their own beliefs if they consider that they might be marked out as odd to other people. I think your owner feels that admitting you speak will make other people think there is something wrong with him.
I feel that he is dependent on the opinion of other people to feel adequate about himself.

You could try some direct action; turn over his telly when his team is about to score on Match of the Day, this will get his attention; then refuse to give him back the remote control until he asks you for it. If this does not work then I think you may have to just grin and bear it!

As for his sending me offensive emails, I’m flattered that he is spending so much time obsessing over me!

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